Make up Training

Make up Training


Hello everyone;
We would like to tell you about our Make up Training, Night and Bridal make-up applications. We will explain how this process is going, who can participate, and whether those with make-up knowledge from scratch can be productive.

We will also explain in detail what we do day by day.

First of all, let’s talk about Bridal Makeup Look and Professional makeup.

We bring together make-up techniques with professional make-up brands and enable you to apply make-up techniques.

If you have the talent , if you like to play with colors and make up for someone else , I would definitely say join . You will see yourself and your talent.

Previously, there were people from Germany, the Netherlands, France, who just wanted to spend their weekends and at least have technical and brush knowledge. Later, they became a famous makeup artist and became a well-known person in the region. They only apply make-up and silk eyelashes. They wanted to do it as an extra job.

Now they just do this job. There are also quite a few people who come from Turkey in this way.
Makeup is in trend now. Now people want to have the make-up they see on Instagram done on their special days, try and change themselves.

If you have the talent, you will definitely be successful when you get technical and product information. When I say technical information, I mean the following.

Types of foundation, what kind of structure and color foundation should you use on which face. Or how to make eyeliner? How and with which products and brushes can you do the contouring and lighting processes?

Eyebrow shaping, especially coloring. Our eyebrows are in the middle of the face, giving expression to the face. Lash application , models , I can’t even think of a night makeup or bridal makeup without false eyelashes . It is a must and the most important for eye makeup.

Lip shaping , pen enlargement , color blush match etc. We both apply and have them applied .

So you see all the techniques for a person to change. While working in a hairdresser or beauty center, you do all the make-up you can do as a freelance makeup artist. We do not go into show make-ups or effect make-ups.

Normally it is done once a week and takes five weeks in total, but we made this program in an accelerated form for 5 days and prepared something like this.

Now you can read our other articles to see the day-to-day program one by one.
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