Make up Training 4th Day

Make up Training
Make up Training


Make up Training… In this program, we can say that the 4th day is the day of repetition of eye make-up or missing subjects in the cut crease system. Eyeliner or contouring may still not be understood, we repeat them.

First of all, let’s talk about what is Cut crease technical eye makeup.
Cut crease eye makeup; In this make-up, we actually aim to create a false eyelid. It is a technique that is used especially in small and slanting eyes. It is a famous eye make-up style in Asia and the Middle East.

How is the cut crease technique done? After we do the eye make-up, we define the eyelid with a sharp line by using eyeshadow and concealer, and then the eyes are given a shadowy look. Although it may seem difficult while doing it, it is actually a simple and fun technique.

The reason why we left this style towards the last days is because it is necessary to move in a controlled way with smaller muzzle brushes. Yes, it is a simple make-up, it is not difficult, but at first you need to know the eye and the crease area, the borders, and the end part of the eye make-up very well.

As an eyeliner, we finish it either as a graphical eyeliner or as a dipliner and eyelash.

Skin make-up is done in the same way. By looking at the face line of our model, we can use nude tones or red lipstick as lip makeup.

So what is make-up again?

We can say that it is the retelling of subjects that were not understood in the first days.
If there are technical issues or applications that we do not understand as a brush, material or other make-up styles, we discuss and clarify them.

We usually finish late this day, but it varies according to the number of participants. Because there is only one last day left, and we take care that there is no more memorized material or unlearned makeup order.

In the meantime, people who still haven’t learned even though it’s the last day, can contact us by phone in advance to be able to come again.

Although this is an exceptional situation , this is a good opportunity .
With love…

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