Make up Training 3rd Day


Make up Training
Make up Training

Make up Training 3rd Day

Make up Training 3rd Day Today, as eye makeup, we are working with Smokey eyes day, that is, with darker colors. It is a make-up style that we can do for those who like to be a little more on the forefront of the eyes, and it is a trendy style every period.

It can also be preferred in small eyes and slanting eyes to make the eyes look bigger.

Here, as a system, we start differently and work with different brushes.

Black is in the foreground, we can say it’s like arabic style. It is a very popular style, especially in the Middle East and Asia.

In fact, you can work with dark brown or any light tone instead of black. But the reason we prefer black is to understand how we can shade with dark colors in a controlled way without losing control.

We work with dipliner instead of eyeliner, and of course, eyelash extensions are also added. For this, we use lashes that are more smokey and denser as we get closer to the end.

Of course, skin make-up is more intense and we work with stick products.
The lips are more nude.

At the beginning of the day, make-up is shown first, and then the participants try to do the same. Again, it is possible to make mistakes today. But at the end of the day, we get it together and complete.

Again, I must say that it is necessary to try and practice these make-ups frequently.

At the end of the day, we state that it will be very important to only try and apply the same eye make-up.

You can continue to see other days.

By the way, this Makeup Style;
Iranian weddings, Indian weddings, Lebanese weddings, Arabian weddings, British weddings, Muslim weddings, Afghani weddings, Pakistani weddings, Middle East weddings make-up is the perfect make-up application for weddings.

Stay tuned to read the other days.

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